Remember 2020??
HB 1, Sponsored by James Grant, is the latest legislative attempt to attack labor unions in Florida. The bill would require union membership to be an annual membership with each member having to sign up each year.The bill would further require each local membership form be updated to include information to “inform” members of their rights not to join the union in 14-point bold font.

Remember 2018??
Under a new Florida law, if a teacher’s union falls below 50% membership, they can be decertified. This means that teachers would no longer have an association to bargain on their behalf. We could lose our entire contract and all of the protections that we have fought for over the past four decades.  This new law is a direct attack on teachers. We are the only public sector employees affected by it. Police, firefighters, and corrections officers are exempt from the law. According to the bill’s supporters, those professions are exempt because of the dangers that they face in their line of work. This seems a bit hypocritical considering the school guardian law that was passed not long after this that allows trained teachers to carry guns in school.

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